A Threatening And Beutiful Gift

Date: 2/22/2017

By titikoma

(08:00 AM) I was walking alone around a light and large mall alike. It was like I had just went home after school or something. There were some people walking but as I remember, I was literally alone. Then I went down by escalator. I started feeling being chased by someone, I guess. I was nervous but it was not too much. Until I got home (my present home), I went inside. There were my brother and my neighbour sitting on the couch. My brother held some big brown box on his legs, and he was like trying to open and read the letter within. It was for me. He gave it to me and I started reading it as I walked into my room. The letter was terror alike. It was full of threatening words and it was sent by one of my senior on college. It was like he wanted to tell his feeling to me but in a very offensive way. Meanwhile, my brother went and that was only me at home. There were some people, it felt like they were at the same age with me, started throwing rocks into my window. I felt like they were sent by the same people who sent me the gift and letter. I was feeling so scared and afraid and threatened, as I tried to look at the gift. There, I saw a medium guitar, an accoustic with a nylon one. It was brown, well-polished, and I felt that time like I had been wanting to own that type of guitar. But the thing, I knew that it was sent by someone who wanted to own me in a very offensive and scarying way. The dream ended up by rocks thrown over the broken windows, I stood and took the rock as I saw people outside.