Date: 8/13/2019


The first thing i remember about this dream is that i was having a conversation with a woman i know, we’ll call her mrs. R. Next setting we end a in some sort of vehicle and next thing i know we’re cuddling and then the next we kiss. The biggest thing i can remember from this part of my dream is that she had on ‘RED’ lipstick. The thing that makes this interesting mrs. R, in real life, she has a boyfriend and is older than me at least by around five years but keep in mind that i am 20 years old. The second part of this dream doesn’t really have a distinct setting, or rather i could not describe because it was pretty hazy for the most part. I was trying to be a part of a basketball team so i went to a practice. My buddy Jack and Callihan are also on the team. The practice had started and it went rather well to begin with. Next thing i know is that we start to get ‘inspected’ and separated, at this point there’s a lot of people getting singled out, me being one of them and i was put with a lot of other people wearing random civilian clothing. Keep in mind that i was wear gym clothes, but the moment i was put with them, i look down and i am also wearing random civilian clothes. This specific group of people were being called the ‘The Civ Div’ which refers to a military unit full of service members who are getting out of the military. Keep in mind, i am indeed in the military and i am a marine. Once i realize that i am being put as part of this group i go off to a separate room and then Jack and Callihan show up and they are wondering why I didn’t stay for the whole practice and I tell them that I didn’t know practice was still going on. The reason i call this dream 107, this refers to where i work. The building i work in, is numbered 107. While i am kind of warping from one part of the dream to the next i have a vague perception of the hallways of 107