Mother Killer

Date: 2/25/2017

By planetlainy

My mother had been planning to kill me. She takes me to what's supposed to be my bedroom and lays me down on the floor. i struggle to get up but she takes a knife and slices it across my stomach. In my head, i think it's the end. And in her head, she thinks the same. However, i'm alive.......i'm in my house and my mother is making ice cream and noodles and for some reason, fish for a science project. Then all of a sudden we're all outside and now my mother is starting to chase me. It starts as a joke, saying she's gonna get me again. She says she wish she would have just killed me when i was on the choice, asleep. But now she pretends to chase me while in different costumes. first it's pocahontas, then it's some other one, and finally it ends with fiona from shrek. It ends with me running around the outside of my house and back into my house, locking the front door but struggling to lock the back. she gets in the house, grabs me, and that's when i woke up. Woke up to a call from my mother.