Chased by a pet lion

Date: 5/13/2017

By alexwolfycat

There was a lion that belong to a man that was half man and half goat I think, but only his neck and head were human. The lion escaped from his backyard prison. The centaur's hooves clacked against the street as he ran from the lion. Julian and I were frozen with fear on our front yard as the lion tried to advance towards us. The centaur told us not to make any quick movements and slowly try to walk away. The lion roared his mighty roar and it was so scary. I eventually got far enough and started running. I underestimated the lion's speed and he quickly caught up. The centaur yelled something at his lion and the lion stayed back for a moment as I kept running. I was inbetween two houses and their backyard gates were closing me off in a dead end. The lion stopped listening to his centaur owner and ran towards me. I jumped up and put my hands on one house and my feet on the other. I was no longer on the ground and I was holding on for dear life that I wouldn't fall into the lions mouth. The centaur came and got his lion under control and then the dream ended.