Home Depot

Date: 7/31/2017

By TwentieToo

My friend, Julz, and her family and me went to the beach. I helped them set up. It was a giant tent with a kitchen and everything inside. I think they were moving. Then we went to Home Depot. It was super dark and there were actors acting out a story around you. Then something happened and Juliana got her friends, which happened to be people from the tv show Shameless. Julz had a bunch of dogs. Some of the people took the dogs and went down inside the Home Depot. Everybody came up except her dad and one of the dogs. The dog happened to be my favorite, it was a baby wiener dog. We waited a while. Then we decided we should go down there and look. I found this little girl sitting on the handrail of a stairway. The stairway was giant and spirally and fancy with chandeliers and everything. I sat by her and she told me that she created the story for Home Depot. She said it wasn't all her, her brother helped. She said he's kind of a genius. Then the dream ended.