All Werewolves Go to Heaven

Date: 2/21/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a small town. I had recently moved in with a roommate. We lived in a nice Victorian house. The roommate was nice enough, a bit funny, blonde and androgynous. But we were or at least I was, being hunted by a Werewolf. It wanted to kill me. It was a raving mad Werewolf. The police were no help. My roommate cracked a joke a few weeks after we'd lived together. About how my stuff would still be there when I got back. I was in town getting chores done and we met as she was headed home. I thought it was in poor taste and the joke died between us. We weren't acquainted enough to be unsuspecting. I was headed home too, but the Werewolf was after me/us and I needed some tools to protect us. Even if it was only after me she lived with me I had to protect her too. There were some other women involved, blonde things, women who were old and didn't like me. They didn't want me to kill the wolf. The Werewolf was their family, and mine. Apparently we all were family. But I knew it was coming down to me or the wolf. I don't know if intended to kill it I just needed to stop it from killing me. I'm home when it attacks, I find it in the back seat of my car parked in the garage. I shoot it, once then twice and it slows it down. The other women jump in and throw ropes around its neck hoping to capture it. It's already healing and coming after me. It gets closer and closer and they are yelling at me not to shoot it. But the thing is burning red, there is like a red aura or smoke wafting off it, its even creeping along the rope holding it. The Werewolf is literally inches away from my feet. For some reason a single bite is deadly, it will kill me not turn me. I find myself chanting "I miss being a Werewolf, I miss being a Werewolf," almost involuntarily. I keep chanting in a nostalgic almost yearning way. I feel this pull in my heart, this ache to be whole again. It's congruent with my words, "I miss being a Werewolf, I miss being a Werewolf." The red aura gets brighter and brighter. Then suddenly we are all somewhere else, in a cloudy white bright place. The Werewolf is recovering his human form, he is our brother. And they are my sisters and everything is happy and peaceful again. We are back in the house again, something happened in that cloudy place but my memory of it quickly goes. In fact all of them are young again, Time has been reversed for all of them. Reversed or put back right. They, the blonde sisters, aren't mean to me anymore. They are young and beautiful and I am home with family. The only thing off was a man from the past was separated by time from his wife. We hear later how his car crashed in town and he was crying for her. His name was wade. His wife was years in the past without him. But considering she would be dead right now we feel the time line is almost back to being okay.