Most Vivid (Short) LD of My Life and Steampunk Zombie Adventures

Date: 6/3/2017

By LionFoot65

I struggle a lot to go to sleep and I finally do at one. I tell myself that I don't care much about being lucid because I really want to sleep and I do at like 1am😭. As I'm falling asleep I vaguely notice the hypnogogic imagery in front of my eyelids and after a while I'm in my parents room and since I remember the hypnogogic imagery moments before I realize the I'm dreaming and will myself to more lucidity which increases the amazing vividness and excitedly tell myself in the dream: "I'm in my own mind!" After that I start rubbing my hands which oddly enough makes the dream start disintegrating but before it does, I jump up and float back down which I have to say is one of the coolest things that I have ever felt in my life lol and makes me can't wait to fly in my next LD. This is only my 5th LD so nothing too special. I also think that one of the biggest reasons that I was able to have at least a very short vivid LD without even reality checking to realize it is because I've been meditating a lot more frequently the days before and since I meditate every day since I've heard that there is a strong correlation between meditation and LD frequency. Next Scene: I'm having a few dreams that I forget and then I'm at this mall walking with some friends and I suddenly I slip and fall on my ass which hurts a little and my friends start making fun of until they start falling on their ass too since the floor is suddenly part ice which makes me laugh 😂 at them. After that there's this skinny science guy who beckons me over and starts telling me some secretive stuff about how there might be a bomb in this box that he shows me and I have this nagging suspicion that he put the bomb there. After that I go up these steampunk stairs and I'm with my family in this "haunted" place that seems to actually be a cheesy movie set and suddenly zombies start showing up and for a second I can't tell if they're actors or real and start abducting my parents and my brother and no matter how hard I try to save my brother, they still take him away somewhere. And that's when I realize that they were just bad people in zombie costumes which now reminds of the purge. For some reason, I start thinking that the creepy science guy and the bad zombie people are connected and I feel sad that I didn't warn my parents about there being something suspicious. After that I'm in the steampunk stairs again al the way at the top where there are beds and kinda scared of falling when I climb up sometimes. My bed is at the very top for some reason and since we're outside, the wind keeps lifting my bed and making me almost fly off sometimes. After that I climb back down and see my friend Andrew at this steampunk restaurant and asks me if I still want weed and I'm like: "I don't do that shit no more bro."