Digital art, A group of teens and kids gather in a club house to sell drugs, with the protagonist joining in hopes of making money and smoking weed, but things get weird with drama and a little girl stealing money.

No burrito money?... I guess I’ll become a drug dealer lol 🌯🌱💵

Date: 2/11/2019

By ChefRiggs

I was hanging with my friend Jennisson and Deric and we are trying to get some burritos from the gas station but I’m so broke I can’t afford one. They ask me about my job but I tell them it sucks and I don’t make enough. I’m trying to get a better one and that’s why I can’t smoke or anything so I can pass drug tests. But I’m still stuck with my crap job so I decide to become a drug dealer. I hit up my old crew which happens to be people I’ve never met. There are 6 of them. We meet up in a club house and the leader introduces me to them. I guess each one is a specialist of some sort. There are three teenage dudes and an older chick. And two kids, A little blonde boy and a little girl. I have no idea why they are apart of the my drug team lol but that’s the dream. I guess the little boy’s mom makes yuka. Which they explain is pounds and pounds of condensed bacon fat lol. I think the little girl is a thief. The three guys and the girl are just stoners but they make decent cash. I can’t wait to get started but it seems like we just sit around in the club house watching tv. The little girl walks up to me while I’m holding a $20. She tells me to hold out my hand so I do. Then she takes my money and runs back to play games with the boy! Little jerk. So I pull out a $100 and tell her to come back. She comes running back and tells me to hold out my hand again like it’s a magic trick or something. Then I take back my $20. There was some weird drama too. I guess one of the guys was worried I was gonna be the best friends with the boss and the boss seemed to think so too. I explained that I can have more than one best friend and there’s no need to be jealous or act weird. They were both happy about that. Bunch of freaks. But I guess we sold some stuff at some point in the dream cause I’m making decent cash. Finally, I get to smoke a little which is kinda the only reason I joined up with these weirdos cause I’ve been clean so I can make money but if I can do both then hell yeah. We smoke a little weed and it feels great. We play some video games and for some reason the guys took their shirts off. The kids are playing with their toys. I’m not sure where the older girl went. The dream petty much fades out from there. Super weird. Just a side note: irl I don’t smoke anymore, my job really is crap and I’m trying to get a better one, and I would never smoke in front of kids. I don’t even know why they were there. I assume they were siblings of the team. I never really dream about drama or weird crap like that so this was pretty interesting lol.

AI generated interpretation In this dream, you are with your friends trying to get some burritos from a gas station but end up not being able to afford it due to financial constraints. This could represent a feeling of lacking resources in your waking life, possibly related to your job. You express dissatisfaction with your current job and desire to have a better one but are limited by the need to pass drug tests. The decision to become a drug dealer in your dream could symbolize the desire to break away from limitations and to pursue a form of financial independence that is more lucrative but comes with potential risks. The people you meet in the dream represent different aspects of yourself. The specialized roles that they represent could allude to certain qualities or skills that you possess or aspire for. The little boy's mother making yuka (condensed bacon fat) and the little girl being a thief could symbolize indulgence and transgression respectively, which may represent certain impulses or moral conflicts within your psyche. The drama in your dream could indicate some anxiety or insecurities about your relationships or desires. The jealousy of one of the guys towards your potential friendship with the leader, and the resulting discussion about best friends, may reflect fears of rejection or competition for someone's attention. Overall, the dream may suggest a desire for financial stability and independence, and a willingness to take risks to achieve it. However, it also suggests a heightened awareness of moral dilemmas, anxieties, and insecurities that may come with it.