Shooting and taken

Date: 2/17/2017

By kristenvh

So I was at school and this kid had the ability to make people levitate, so he kept making me and it was embarrassing and I was like kid, stop you're going to get us caught. And then I was walking to my next class and these 2 people drove into the school in red suvs and started to shoot up the school. They tried to shoot me but I kept crawling away into other hiding spots. Then when they left (I was pretending to be dead) someone came to help and make sure I was okay, and when they found out I was alive they were walking me to the office when a bunch of people on motorcycles came to start shooting up the school too, so we ran into the library where they ended up following us too. The girls said that they could use me so they were trying to capture me and when I was running away the head girl said "nevermind! If she's gonna run just shoot her!" They we're trying to shoot me so I put my hands up and they were all laughing and then one guy was like "ha, you're pretty beat up aren't you? That's okay. We'll fix you up" and then they took me away to anehiem to this weird Tim burton type themed club where I had to work and dress up as characters or something and i was so scared that I was going to get raped or killed by the people that worked at the club it was sketchy. One part of the dream it was like the club was right outside Disneyland and it had a room that was like jack sparrows ship