3 Negative Mini Dreams

Date: 7/9/2019

By baburubān

I had a dream where my friends were trying really hard to get ms to join this satanic cult, they wouldn’t say it was a satanic cult but I knew. Thomas was one of them, and I jumped on his back for a piggy back ride. I whispered in his ear that I missed him. He told me I could see him all the time if I joined his group. The group seemed so happy and bright. But I knew better. I was at a public event outside and for a second they turned off those sport lights so I decided to change my shirt really quick, because typically the lights off period lasts a minute or so. I got stuck in my shirt, and I wasn’t wearing any pants. They turned it back on a few seconds later and EVERYONE saw me changing and I was in my underwear. People might not have seen if the people on the microphones decided to not point it out. I had this dream where I was kinda in a video game but it was one of those realistic ones. I was with this adult guy I considered my friend and we were inside a burning office building. My goal was to try to escape, but my friend refused. I was given flashbacks of his wife and kids.... all lovely. I didn’t understand why he just wanted to sit under his desk, cowering in fear. I couldn’t move without him, so I had to sit with him while the flames engulfed us.