Long night, cute girl.

Date: 5/22/2019

By BranchMan

I started back at home and needed to get to high school for a final. I had met with someone before school started and I may have been skating. I recall people watching me skate. I also recall meeting with a friend beforehand and getting high and thinking I missed my final. Much went on in the high school I don’t remember. and before and afterward as well. the latter of which consisted of me being lost and trying to find my way to the school. I also spent hours trying to get out of the school lol. I met this girl, and ended up at her house. I was looking for the school again even though this is later in the dream. I was desperately asking her where my high school was and was acting very odd and out of it because I was high. I was actually talking to her brother at first when she said come on he’s just fried. I admitted I was high and continued on. Eventually I end up with just the girl in her backyard. I have a bundle of sticks in my hand, can’t tell you where I gathered them. I’m trying to find a good/safe place to put them lmfao. Then we’re talking in her room. She begins to come around and asks if she can come with me back to my house when I go. I’m surprised, and she lets me know she’s interested in me. We start flirting around and are now set to see each other the next day and I’m very excited. She’s a cutie fasho. I also say hello to her parents as I’m leaving. I find myself outside skating again when a racing rally Audi pulls up. I’m hugging the right end of the cul de sac on my board so as not to get in his way but I am. We do a little dance of who’s gonna move and of course I play it poorly and he’s mad. So I flip him off. Don’t quite remember how that ended. I go back to her house even though we planned to meet at mine. For whatever dumbass reason I enter with my massive bong in hand, to be greeted by her father. Even in the dream I knew that was weird and stupid. Almost realized I was dreaming right there. I try running from him but am already so far into the house I can’t find my way back. He catches me quickly and says nice bong. I immediately go into a spiel about how I don’t even know why I have it and how I have pure intentions with his daughter and I’m a good guy and etc etc. which was true. She was exactly what I’m looking for now in real life. Her dad actually begins to come around and we are laughing and joking. He says he saw me skating earlier and was actually impressed. At this point his daughter has joined us (can’t believe we never exchanged names) when I wake up. Doorbell in my house woke me 🙃 extremely disappointing. This dream had been ongoing for hours. I had woken up in between a couple points. I also recall laying in her bed at one time as were flirting around, she was about to come kiss me I’m not sure what interrupted it. We were talking about fucking the next day. Haven’t had such a good long dream in a while. Plenty more happened, even, that I just can’t recall. Wish it was real.