Death walker

Date: 6/6/2017

By ogatalata

So I was with a friend, not one in real life tho, I don't know who she was but in my dream she was my friend. She was, i do not know what, but a different religion, she worshiped a different god. Well she wanted me to join her so I said "I am catholic and that will never change but since you are my friend I will learn about your religion and do what I can". She got super exited and grabbed my hand. She started pulling me quite forcefully saying "You have to meet him". I assumed "him" was her god, she called him Death Walker. So the place she was dragging me were these HUUUUGGE stone, carved doors, they were as big as a skyscraper and there was blue light shining through the cracks in between them. So while I was being dragged I got this really strong feeling of desavu, I started think to myself "Oh, wait, this has happened before, this didn't turn out well last time" and stuff like "this can't happen again" I got this feeling of dread so I yanked my hand out of her hand,. As I do this I happen to look over at the door and that's when I see the Death Walker. He was very big, his body was pitch black, it looked like he had wrapped himself in something and he had a skull as a head, it was either a deer skull, or like a wildebeest skull. He made me extremely scared and I don't know why. So I turn to my friend and try to explain to her that I will not go through the door with her but she gets furious. She starts screaming at me and at the same time her face starts changing, she becomes blue and starts glowing as she gets angrier. I start screaming back, yelling at her to "get out of my head" and to leave and stuff. That's when I wake up.