Emma and train thing

Date: 8/6/2019

By ashlyn_w

So i was in this kind of warehouse and i think someone was trying to kill me but then i killed them and made them hang from the roof. Then i walked out n it was all the people from my school but in this weird old posh school and emma was sitting down with carmen jasmine and alkira on this silver seat emma me and violet and eileena walked past then emma called eileena a midget and said that all of us will never have boyfriend's. Then i say a meme i remembered the night before dreaming this and said, "short guys like short girls, tall guys like short girls so that means no one likes you. Then i walked away n she pulled me hair and i punched her and then alkira steped in and she was getting paid by emma to be her body guard. Then i aaw her go to the principals office. Then i think i killed her then i went on top of a train and escaped.