Date: 8/8/2017

By NaitoMitsu

I got myself standing in a crowded place in one big many people gathered and greeted each other, and they seemed to know me as well so they approached me and had a little chat with me, at first I was confused and thought "who are they?why they act like they know me and have chat with me?are they my relatives?"...but I thought I just kept follow the situation instead questioning all the time, it was not a bad thing after all, to see new people and make a contact with them Then, I left that room to get some fresh air, there was a little girl who wanted to go along with me, she didn't talk anything..just following me that's first I still didn't know for sure where am I coz I didn't know the place where I was belong..but again, I thought it was not a bad thing to see n learn my new surroundings. So...I decided to explore that new place, along with the little girl, there was a crossroad in front of us, the traffic itself didn't seem too crowded, maybe it was a small town Then, me and the little girl crossed the road after the road was empty but suddenly there was a big truck, approaching us with a high speed, it came from my left side, I was shocked, I couldn't move my leg, and the little girl was still standing besides me, I was not paying attention enough how the little girl's expression coz I was too busy to move my leg, my leg suddenly felt numb and the truck was getting the end, the truck hit me... Suddenly after that I got myself in an all white place..there was nothing in there, I tried to figure out where am I but then suddenly I was on another place already..It was like a teleportation..I got myself in a same room again, except the situation in that room, it was different, there was no crowded sound, there wasn't people having chat, there wasn't anybody came to me..all that people that I've met from the first time in that big room was lied on the floor, and all of them were covered with a white sheet..I was surrounded by them..I couldn't think clearly at that time, it happened too quick...they all died I went out from that place and I realized that I was on a skyscraper was different compared the first time..I saw all the skyscraper building was covered with a dark cloud..I couldn't see underneath the building coz it was too dark to see coz of the cloud I looked up and I saw the sky was covered with dark clouds along with a red crimson color..everything looked so different.. Suddenly there was something that came out from the place that I came the first was a guy, but I didn't know him..he approached me and sat besides me, didn't talk anything, didn't ask anything how this I and that guy was just sat and saw all the surroundings...I still didn't know how should I do.. suddenly there was something approaching first I saw that as a human, but it was flying...that thing was getting closer and I saw more clearly that that thing was not a human, more like a ghost or monster with a human shape but only an upper body..that thing didn't have a lower body.. that monster suddenly grabbed the guy's leg..the guy was so scared and shouted at me..the guy begged me to help him, but I couldn't react..I was just standing and see him being dragged by that monster, and they became much farther n farther..leaving me behind..and then I was alone..I began to sat again and I cried....