President Bush

Date: 8/15/2019

By VicArt

I was walking with president Bush now I think might be the youngest one not sure they all look the same. Honestly I think they all clones lol. Anyways I was walking with him and he was like giving me a tour of a city. We where talking and stuff and he mentioned something and told him oh well I'm unemployed right now. I've been applying everywhere but I haven't been getting calls. He suggested I should be a Priest/Pastor I laugh and told him it's funny you say that many people have told me the same thing and honestly I think I'll be good at it. Only issue is it hard to become a Priest/Pastor at the church I got to. He say well what's your Religion I told him I'm Christian but I go to UCKG church. Right when I said that he said "oh those f***ers" I was like wooooah!.... Then I began to walk inside alone thinking what he said and laugh and said I guess the world does hate my Church because we actually Save and Change people's life. Then I woke up