what does the fox say?

Date: 5/27/2017

By popcorngoo

So, I was taking a walk. I didn't make it very far from my house before I saw off to the side a little, red fox. I immediately stopped and crouched down to get a better view. It came trotting up to me like a little pup. I started petting it and it seemed to love it. It nuzzled me and would sit down at my side, rolling around. Then after a good while, because I was having so much fun petting this fox and was not about to leave, it got up and ran back into the darkness of the bushes where it came from. I kinda stayed where I was for a moment sort of hoping it would come back to get more Lovins from me. :) And I did see it's little red ears poke out and it came back. I felt so happy. I started to pet it again when I saw another red head peep out of the bushes in the darkness. And another. And another. There was a whole family. They came closer, one by one. And I got the sense that they were not happy, and were not coming over to play. I started to slowly back away, and the one who I had been playing with latched onto my hand, biting me. I looked down surprised, feeling betrayed. I knew immediately that the whole time it saw me, and was being pet by me, it was thinking of how to kill me with it's family. The cute little fox was treacherously pretending to be innocent like a puppy. I immediately turned around and started sprinting for my life. The fox pack chased after me, trying to nip at my legs. The one that had bit my hand locked it's jaws on my hand and wouldn't let go. I was flinging my hand wildly trying to shake it off while running for my life. I really wasn't that far from my house though and it didn't take me long to reach the end of my front yard. I finally pried open this little guys jaws and flung him away from me. I ran as fast as I could to my front door, fumbled with the handle as people do in the movies, and once it was open I tried to get in and slam that shit closed behind me. The foxes were right on my ass though and we're halfway in the doorway. I had to push and push to try and get their heads and bodies out of the way. I'm screaming for my family to help me for fucks sake. I think my dad comes over and helps me push. It finally does close by I look at my door and realize how frail it looks. For some reason it doesn't look like a normal sturdy wooden door that locks you in tight. It looks as if it's bending and shaking under the pressure of these little foxes weight being thrown at it. aaaand that's the end!!