Keanu Reeves

Date: 4/20/2019

By chevvv

i dreamt we were in some cafeteria and i guess to play i had to kill someone and i did but after i did a portal opened up and we went into it once inside it was a whole different time and i didn’t exist but daddy did we watched him lose his mind and find a dead body after he found it another portal opened up and i was back and we came out in a different time again daddy saw his childhood love and killed her another portal opened up and before we could go through there were guns waiting for us. it was the 40s we were promised a specific amount of money, a special coin and a special deck of cards. a man working with the person told us they didn’t have it and so daddy let me kill him, i shot him once and it hit him in the shoulder but every shot after that i missed. we got the guy who didn’t deliver and a rock dropped on his leg we lifted it and threatened to break his other leg if he didn’t give us what we needed he said it was a lie to get us to the overlord i picked him up and kissed him we were going to take him with us but he got hit by a car another portal opened up and somehow we were caught by the overlord daddy was in a chair being interrogated and i was sitting there shuffling through the special deck of cards trying to find the ones we needed but unfortunately idiotically i threw them at the overlord and he took them i ran after him taunting him and so did the rest of the squad i threatened his life and his family’s life and he stabbed me in the neck