Date: 2/26/2017

By annaliese

A cute-ish blonde guy is round my house and we get in the bath. we kiss a little and he says "can we?", so i say "uhhh okay..". He immediately starts trying to get inside me but I'm too tight and I have to drape my legs on the sides of the bath for him to get in. He starts humping, and I try to enjoy it but feel pretty much nothing, after a couple of minutes he stops and says he wants to chill and I should do the work. I try to grind but it's difficult in the position I was in, and I still aren't gettting much out of it. When it's done we go downstairs, where my mum is sitting, and he still has his dick out. My mum asks if I've just lost my virginity, saying she hopes I haven't. I reply that I actually lost my virginity quite a while ago, and she is shocked.