Compilation of dreams(?)

Date: 3/18/2017

By Andrew

had a dream where I think I was at a strip club for a bit and I was with my buddy Alex, and we were jumped in this hallway by these guys I hate named Jaden and Saul. anyway, they pull out guns and start shooting at us, I curse myself for not bringing a gun because I should have, and Alex brings out a tec-9 to cover us. I know there's a nine millimeter in the next room so I roll over into it. I pick up the gun but it has no ammo so I search around and finally disable Jaden and Saul. Alex and I take their money and run home. Alex disappears and I go to a home that isn't mine. It's a tavern called Skippers run by a lonely man named Maurice in a big field. The place is not doing well economically, I think, so I think I gave him the money. Stuff happens that I don't remember and suddenly I'm in Battle of the Bands against Stan, Kenny, and Timmy from South Park. Long story short, I won and I get money from that to help Skippers. Business is booming from the people from battle of the bands and Maurice thanks me. Also, there's a strange girl in his attic.