Date: 2/25/2017

By emilyassoulin

I enter what seems to be a jewelry shop. I see a man standing behind one of the glass cases. I approach him. There is going to be a robbery any minute, i tell him. Seconds later a girl in all black walks through the door. She has a gun. Open all the cases she says. I step back as the store owner unlocks all the cases. He disappears suddenly and now its just me and the girl left. She is busy emptying all of the cases into a bag while i sit in the back room of the store that it separated by one single curtain. I peak through and can see her stealing everything. I notice that there is a phone on the wall and i reach for it. While im trying to call the police she calls out to me. Can you give me a hand with these? She says. She acts like im part of the robbery. I go along with her so she doesn't kill me. I pick up the phone again and begin to dial 911. She then peaks her head through the curtain. I hide the phone in my jacket. What are you doing silly? She says. I tell her nothing and that ill be out in a second. I try a third time to call the police but now she is grabbing me by the hand and telling me its time to go. There is a white van parked outside. We get inside the van. We don't drive that far down the road. We get out and start walking on the side walk towards another store. We rob that store as well.