Modern transportation, the Alps and the dragon

Date: 8/9/2017

By cornishpasties

dreamt that me, and really old friend called josh and his girlfriend all went for a trip to the Alps in France, through transportation( the new snapchat update has maps and all you had to do was drag you're bitmogi to where you want to go and it would take you) , so and we were chilling out sat on the grass looking at the view, when I spot a dragon sitting on a mountain top, and a avalanche of rock fell into the village killing people and crushing building, we were running away and trying to get better cover, and I was telling them"look over there, it's a dragon" but they didn't look, we got into a big sturdy church and I had dust in my eyes and I was blind, I was trying to pack my my things away in my bag and then go back home, but I couldn't see and I kept pressing the wrong place on the map, and my phone was gonna die, I was really panicking, so I went back to the church and thank god my friend had a charger