Date: 6/17/2017

By jazzyfaae

my dream started as me my grandma and auntie in the mall maybe my uncle too we seen our aintie elena were Mexican so we say the word tia . we seen her and we talked to her at one point my grandma walked off and she was talkin to me and she was calling my grandma fat and i was like no shes not shes not even fat and she got mad and at another point me and my tia (my other auntie) were like what if she was talking more shit on her phone bout us shes infront of us leaving and we try to make a small attempt to take her phone to see if she was talking about us . 1 attempt fail 2nd attempt fail 3 attempt fail 4th attempt boom snatched it she walks away to a store and me an my tia look through the phone but i get a phone call from my other other auntie saying i know you took my moms phone the police and imagration is coming for you better run & we drop the phone turn aroud and theres police but the mall turns into my backyard and front yard and neighborhood from when i was 2-11 any way i run and jump over fences having so much energy i jump over a fence and run thru everything i run down 4 houses to a nice old lady thats my friend i run into her house and ask her if she can hide me and she tells me to hide in a closet she has but i didnt find it so i start looking where to hide and imagration comes to her back yard looking for people and all hard working imagriants and blacks work for them they then look thru the window and look around . i hide by the side of a couch and i guess somebodysat down where the window was open and he seen me and i gave him that shhh face he nodded and turned back around i was good i thought i was gonna make a good leave untill they open the doors and come in both ways confused i don't know what to but then to act like the trapped imagrant & he hands everybody w a pencil and paper for a test i think and he gives us cake or candy or some treat i cant remember and i sat there confused and everybody was talking and i woke up! i feel like im missing something hopefully i remember soon!