'Ninja Sex Party' Plays Live at my Old HS & The Very Quirky but Emotionally Constipated Korean Girl

Date: 7/8/2017

By fluffytree

Nap: 3:30am~5:00am I first find myself in a packed classroom where I only see a couple of people I know. I actually seem to be in my old high school at PWA. This means I probably saw a couple of old classmates (like Malissa as usual in my high school dreams) around but just can't remember at the moment. I did spot Dan and Arin from Game Grumps though and Dan is actually putting on a small concert with the other members of his band, Ninja Sex Party, just for us. This is awesome cos I never thought I'd get to see him play live. The dream sorta just glosses past the concert though because time seemed to speed up and drudge through it like someone hit the fast forward button on a remote while falling asleep too. Anyway, I drifted off to another dream shortly after this. Now I'm with my siblings and some new guy I've never seen just hanging out in some unfamiliar apartment. We're meeting up with a lawyer for some reason who's going to help our case. Strange thing is I can't think of what this case is or who this guy even is. What's even happening right now? I don't question it too much further though and simply go with it. The lawyer seems really bubbly too so why not go along. We get in his car and head downtown where we stop at some small building. He was cracking really corny dad jokes the whole time but hey, gotta give the man points for trying and for staying super positive literally all the time. We go inside and meet his other lawyer friends. There's like 5 of them. One of them does this awkward cultural appropriation thing where he tries to do a black fist bump/handshake whatever thing and fails on every level. I'm embarrassed that I'm seen through his eyes as someone who really requires this nonsense and also for his sake too. Now that I think of it the bubbly guy did the same thing in the beginning of the dream and I just remember thinking how just because I'm black doesn't mean you have to feel the need to approach me in such a stereotypical way. Treat me like a normal human being please jeez lol. I wasn't offended or anything, just baffled and found it funny too. But anyway we make it inside the office itself to have a little sit down with the others. The guy who just tried to appropriate me talks to bubbly guy asking him how much is he willing to spend on a case like this one and he says about a grand. The other guy laughs and tells him that's not even 10% of how much this is all gonna cost him, especially when it'll involve a jury and all that. He mentions that it's very normal for stuff like this to run a client well into the hundred thousands. I was thinking of buying my sister something really nice for her birthday next week but forget it now. No way I'll be able to afford it if I have to help out with this crap. And somehow I have it in my head that I have to too. Bubbly guy promises he'll pay him back the money if he just helps us out. The other man is reluctant but eventually agreed with a smirk on his face. Now we're standing up to get in a circle. There's this really cute Korean girl I keep eyeing because she's just so cute and oddly interesting. She's really quirky and says the most odd things. I can't remember them now but I remember thinking, 'That's a really weird thing to say. Who is this girl?' I dunno if she was another lawyer or what. She's not dressed up like they were and is just wearing slightly ripped jeans and a white tank top. She has a short cropped haircut and is fairly tall too. I'd say at least 5.9. Anyhow she stands close to me and puts her arm around my back. She's so forward but I don't think she's coming on to me, probably just being friendly or something. Either way I certainly don't mind. Now when I do it back she says something out loud describing the situation where she says how she thinks it's dumb when a guy puts his hand just around a girl's waist. I mean everybody knows you really wanna just grab her butt so why not go for it? I look at her like she's joking but she's serious. This girl definitely has way more forward thinking when it comes to getting close to people. I have to also wonder if she's the type who'll sleep with a stranger just to get to know the person better. I try not to think about her like that even though I wouldn't judge her if she was. The lawyer host guy responds back telling her she needs to relax and stop being so open with everybody. This hurts her feelings I can tell but she never shows it, only keeps grinning like she's been doing this whole time. I swear I can feel her emotional energy though and she's on the verge of crying but is blocking it with all her might for some reason. We're all sitting down now and I put my hand out and tell her to take hold. She clasps my hand and I tell her it's okay to just be real and let it all out. No point in pretending. Another girl next to her does the same thing while encouraging her to free herself and stop hiding. She's still smiling but begins to have some kind of light spasm in her abdomen and it looks like she desperately wants to start sobbing but still won't let herself just feel the pain. I clasp her hand tighter and hold her arm too so she feels even more comfortable. I then wake up before I get to see a proper ending to this dream.