I cheated... sort of

Date: 6/29/2019

By ItsABlackCat

The dream was situated in a castle, where I was just like some maid or someone who visited often but wasn’t important. I had a sort of affair going with this princess, who wore a long pink ball gown and had flowing brown hair etc etc and we would meet on the tall marble staircase and kiss. I also had an ongoing affair, at the same time, with this ‘prince’ who was an extreme tomboy girl. We would also meet on the staircase and kiss. I don’t think any of us ever had sex but it totally could’ve happened. Anyways I loved them both but didn’t know how to tell them, not to mention both of them wanted the affairs to be secret since we were all girls, so I couldn’t really be in a relationship where I was committed. Which meant that I was just kinda kissing both girls and not knowing how to break it to one of them that there was another person I was kissing, who was also incidentally royalty. One day when I’m kissing the ‘prince’ the princess comes down the staircase and sees me. I immediately break off and start trying to explain but she starts to back away crying. I feel bad but at the same time confused and even a little defensive, even though I did kinda cheat (even tho I wasn’t even in a relationship or anything). I forget the rest of the dream but like I had a whole soap opera going on in this dream. And I think the prince kinda knew I was up to SOMETHING with the princess but didn’t care.