I escaped school shooting

Date: 5/2/2019

By BeastFromTheEast

Was at gas station and alarm sounded because of of the pumps caught fire. Someone came on the radio and said it was a terrorist attack everyone was running trying to hide. I felt I was going to die because I was looking for someone to hide and there was a guy running around with an assault rifle and I was having a heart attack that he would see me. I didnt even know where he was and I felt like I could go around a corner and he could be right in front of me. I ran to this random house and climbed in a open window. There was this 10 year old kid with no shirt. He was yelling at me trying to scare me or something. Then he calmed down and I realized it was my little cousin Dylan (hes like 14 irl) then I sat down at this half circle both in the house and my uncle came out. I told him what happened and he chuckled and said one of his friends said hes taking his gun and shooting up the place (my school) It was scary my uncle knew the shooter.