wilsons mishap

Date: 3/6/2017

By killerlithium

I was driving Devon and Quentin out to wilsons orchard at night and my lights went out and I couldn't see anything at all and I got confused and thought I was lost so I pulled over into someone's yard/driveway and I got out to check it he headlights and Devon got in the drivers seat and drove forward onto a chain link fence witch then sortof Lille slungshot the car back twirls me and I almost got hit but I moved and then an old guy came out of the house and I thought he was Gona yell at us but he got into my car and started like joking arround and dev and q were being nice and stuff but I got really bad vibes from him so I made sure that I had my pocket knife handy and he was asking weird personal, borderline sexual questions and I was trying to figure out how to get him out without making him hostile