Date: 3/8/2017

By timetraveler

I dreamt that I was in a place that looked very much like the island where i grew up. My dream started with all the beautiful lush vegetation of my island 🌴. I saw my mother standing very still with some of my friends around her, she was not speaking but people were given her their condolences, at first I felt very happy, I don't know why that was, maybe it was because so many of my friends were there, some I had not seen in a long time, they were all gathered around her, one person adjusted her sweater, another her hat and patted her cheeks, they were comforting her, I felt good, maybe even great, when I looked around everything was beautiful and the colors were very bright, I started listening to what my friends were saying to my mother, my friend Radikha hugged her and said, I'm so sorry for your loss, I feel your pain, it must be hard to loose your 👶, I found that a little weird because my mother lost her baby over 40 years ago, I was confused by this statement but still looking on the situation, Veronique and her family came and hugged my mother then Vittana and her family and so on came to give their condolences, my mother was very unresponsive and I thought wow 😳 after all this time she still mourns her baby. I then heard her saying that I was always afraid of ghosts, I smiled and wondered why she would mention this, she continued to say that now I would see ghost everywhere. I then started looking around beyond where we were standing and I saw some corporeal figures, I thought what the heck is going on, then there was a figure of a man riding on a bicycle 🚴 and as he saw that I was looking at him he wave at me, I was very upset, why I don't know, I then walked away from everyone and walked towards a building that looked like a shop/small supermarket, on my way there I encountered a corporeal figure of a man and he smiled at me and I got more upset, my surroundings was a bit murky, the colors were darker and I was very uncomfortable, I walked up to this individual and grabbed him and started hitting him very hard, another one joined us and I was trying to killed both of them, they did not fight back, I was using them like rag dolls and they just let me. I woke up after that mayhem.....,, I tried to figure out what that dream was about, I think I was the one who died, I think I was my mothers baby and I think when that realization occurred to me in my dream that was when I got angry. It seems ridiculous that I was not able to figure this out in my sleep 😳.