Cursed Teacher

Date: 8/27/2017

By Shy2Infinity

In this dream I and a couple of others were new to school. It seems I had the ability to zip around in time just by concentrating on the time I want switch to. And I did this whenever I pleased. But then I found a class I legit wanted to go to. Some kind of class about Trading? Me and this other girl went to the class and blinked as the door closed. I carefully knocked on the door and it creaked open to show a red haired teacher. She stared at us and asked,"Why are you here?" We just stared at her confused and I said,"We wanted to join your class." We had no idea that she was a haunted teacher. We go in, fastfoward an hour or so and we're suddenly outside, talking about the events of he past. Don't ask me why any of us thought it'd be a good idea to talk outside at night. Eventually I get this chill and I look around concerned. And for a split second I go completely blind. That's all I need to get the others to go. As my sight comes back to me I turn to them and say,"Guys I really think we should go." And they listen to me. But as we head in the school is extremely dark. We're all wary at this point. At some point we stop and listen, my teacher brushes her hand across the lights above us and they shatter. A couple of us scream as glass rains down on us. Finally, we find the classroom. I reach out and open the door. As the door slowly creaks open my heart is hammering in my throat. The inside of the room is pitch black. Suddenly, as I'm staring inside, I feel a shove from behind that forces me into the room. And as the door slams closed behind me I hear giggling. Cautiously, and shaking at this point, I flick the light switch. But the switch doesn't work.