Minnesota fight YouTube park

Date: 8/8/2017

By tiafaithberger

So I was at the park in Minnesota and it was reversed and so I had my sister Gracie's sunglasses that I borrowed without her knowing and my phone. This girl and her friends and they all look older and the one girl was huge and twice as tall as me and then we started to fight and all I remember was that I was choking her with my foot and her doing the same. I then grabbed my phone and ran away I dreamed that I was at this park and this girl was trying to steal my phone and she was huge but I wasn't afraid and I was fighting her off and trying to get my phone and she was chocking me with her foot and then I got my Phone and left but I forgot my sunglasses but if I went back I would get beatin up because she had a bunch of friends there.So the next part of my dream is we're I saw that the girl left and so I went there and I grabbed my sunglasses and I saw Ian with his shirt of and Isaac and then I left but they saw me and just stared at me.Then when I went back to sleep this morning at had another dream and it was where I was sitting at the park and then I saw the mean girl coming and then I slide down the slide but she was like " there you are" and started chasing after me while I was running to my grammas house and I made it to my door but then she tackled me and started beating me up with her friends and I couldn't fit back because there were to many people and then they stopped but then I got up and my whole family was crying and watching me and then I Was like "come on fight me like a man! Just you and me!" And then she was like "ok" and and we got into fighting positions and she tried to punch me and I blocked and then I tackled her and picked her up and started twirling her around and she was like "This is what my husband does" but then I smashed her into the ground ( we somehow ended up in the front of the house during that scene) and then she tried to escape but I picked her up again slammed her against the ground and did it over and over again in till she was unconscious. And the whole time they were video taping it because they were YouTubers and then I tried to find her on the internet and stuff but I could never I think I was illucid dreaming because I wanted to fight her and I was controlling almost the whole dream when I was fighting her.