Weird Airplane

Date: 4/28/2017

By heidilore

I was in an airport with Melissa. she was here in Arkansas, but she was trying to find a way back to Illinois. I had several suitcases with me. I was going to go back with her. She went off by herself somewhere, I sat down and a guy sat next to me and started talking to me. I was a bit overwhelmed. Melissa came back and she was annoyed. She handed me an airplane ticket to Illinois. She had one, also. She said the plane took off in an hour. I had to leave my bags sitting there with the guy. We ran to the ticket booth. I asked Melissa how long the plane trip was, she said 15 minutes. I said what? How? She couldn't explain how. We got to the ticket booth and I asked the woman how this was possible? She asked if I was familiar with the meridian. I asked what meridian? Can you explain? She said look it up on the plane. We boarded this really strange plane, it was small inside. We sat down in these odd seats. The pilots were right in front of us, they were conversing about sports teams. We took off and the seats immediately went into a reclining position and we were somehow sedated. I was still mad at Melissa about my bags. She was mad at me and said that every guy likes me and she couldn't stand me because of that. I was a little hurt and said I don't have control of that. The pilot asked me out for a drink, I said no, I don't understand how this trip is even possible. He said he would explain the mechanics of it if I had a drink with him. I said no. Melissa got more annoyed. We landed in this urban environment. It was outside Chicago. I asked Melissa how the hell are we going to get to East Moline? She threw me 10 bucks.