School Shooting/Dead Dragons.

Date: 4/20/2019

By Solomonkane85

So I had a dream I was back in high school, I had my old high school body, but I had my 33 year old wisdom. A shooting occurred, which I somehow knew about. Shots went off about 3 separate times. An automatic weapon. The teachers were telling kids to stop and get on the ground. I knew better though. The dream was attempting to slow me down from running, but I didn’t let it. I pushed through, walked as fast as I could, And got out of the building. Upon reaching the outside it was pandemonium out there. Foggy. Houses were torched. And there were these Fallen pinkish and white dragons laying everywhere. A friend of mines got close to one and it grabbed him. It started to eat him from what we could see, but we weren’t getting close to it. We thought he was dead, but he re-emerges later in the dream. We were going in circles throughout the schools neighborhood because all the ways out were blocked with these dying dragons. So eventually we started cutting through houses to get out. I ended up catching up with my friend and he told me that he had killed the dragon that grabbed him. From what he could tell it was the biggest one. He didn’t know where they had all came from. We cut through a house that was owned by someone he knew, there were dragons in there as well. But his family member came, killed them all, and cleaned it all up. Dream switches, and I’m in a room talking to Jarrod. I’m laying on a half inflated air mattress, picking gum from my hair, and also I grabbed something off of my sock that turned out to be a spider. Then I woke up.