Zombie apocalypse but I protect humans I guess

Date: 6/2/2019

By Sam-wants-to-sleep

So I’m in my house, I have a group with me and they are just random strangers. The whole group sleeps in a huge room next to the garage. So I leave the room to make food in the kitchen and than I heard zombies outside of the garage. But to be extra cautious I went to close the door inside the garage that lead inside. While I was closing it the door made huge noises. And once I closed it, that was the biggest noise. I stopped cold. Than I heard banging on the garage. I heard them tear threw the garage. Immediately I left, forgetting about the group and ran upstairs. I ran inside my room irl. I locked the door, pushed the couch at the door, than ran inside the closet. I stayed there and I heard screaming and gun shots. I stayed silent, I heard people running upstairs, the doorknob started shaking. “Let me in, LET ME IN” I kept quiet and I heard more screaming. I blinked in my dream, I guess in this dream I feel asleep since nothing else was heard. I got out my hiding spot and felt relief when the door was still locked. I looked out the window, then I was teleported. I am holding a gun and inside a community with a lot of people. I saw one of my friends irl, Hector. I walked around and saw a scientist explaining to everyone how that if zombies got in than this would be the only safe spot. To what I could see, no one was listening since I guess that community was up since the first zombie and none have ever got in. I turned around and started walking away. That’s when I heard screaming and zombies. I immediately turned around and ran, these zombies are fucking fast since I was pushed to the floor by one and held down. I didn’t scream since I didn’t want to alert more. I struggled around trying not to get bit but than more came. One of them pulled up my shirt and bit my stomach, I don’t know how but I felt pain. Than another grabbed me by the arm and bit me there. Another pulled my head to the right and bit my neck. At this point I’m crying because I’m in pain. Than another bit my inner thigh, I kinda blacked out in pain for a second. But once I opened my eyes they let me go and ran after another human. I looked at myself, I knew I was a zombie, because I am on the ground crying and all the zombies are running past me. I heard Hector scream. A zombie had him by the arm, I ran towards him and pushed the zombie off. I hissed at the zombie and pulled Hector towards a table. I put him on the table and looked around. People ran towards me and each picked a side to stay. So including Hector. There are five humans at the table. I guess they knew I was protecting him, and they also wanted to be protected. A zombie ran towards us and I tackled him. I bit at him and snarled. Immediately once I let him go he backed away. Two more came and threw myself at the two. I bashed their heads to the ground. They stayed there dead. I heard a sound like something was closing. I turned to see the safe place the scientists was talking about closing. It’s like everyone knew what I was thinking, since they all took off running there. I was right behind them, and each time a zombie got close to one of them I took them out. Once everyone got inside I heard a kid crying. The kid was running towards the bunker crying. He tripped and fell, the zombies started running to him. I ran to the kid and grabbed him. I held the kid in my arms and ran inside. I ran in just in time because my jacket got caught in the metal doors. I placed the kid down and took off my jacket. The scientists walked in with a gun. He aimed it at my head, everyone screamed and ran towards him, but it was too late, cause next thing I know I woke up. Damn, sucks too cause I wanted to see them live.