Being abandoned overseas.

Date: 6/14/2017

By amandified

So I had a dream that I was with my whole family (yes, they're whole again) and my boyfriend in a place that was probably in Korea or China. Like in real life, my boyfriend was nagging about how he wished he weren't there cause it's a waste of time, waste of money etc and I was pretty upset with having to tell him that I appreciated him there. I recall being in a public swimming pool area where they announced that tourists can now extend their trip if they donated their clothes and everyone rushed to the donation point. We, too, were considering extending our trip except my boyfriend so we hurried to the location while my boyfriend continuously whined that he wanted to be home because it's a waste of time. I was so annoyed I remember. So we boarded a bus and I found a seat but the rest of my family didn't. They left me on the bus and I felt so helpless and alone because I had no idea where to go, and there was just a huge swamp of people around me. I tried looking for them and realized I was really alone, not even sure where I was headed :(