The Most Disturbing Dream I’ve Ever Had

Date: 6/9/2019

By Rass_Spencer

Basically Watching something like the rude tube but it’s more like a fucking chills top 15s video on tv and parents are eating at table not to the left of me. Video starts playing which appears like a shitty handheld recording that looks like it would have been found on the “dark web”. Guy holding the camera intrudes in on a doctors appointment where a woman with scratches and burns on her face is standing with a female doctor. Guy stands there with camera for a while intruding on them before the woman with the scratches and burns turn and notices him before screaming in the most realistic female scream I’ve ever heard. Video cuts and the guy goes into the room again and this time the woman actually looks like a fucking ghoul from Fallout, the doctor sees him this time and screams before grabbing the woman’s arm that sprays a strange liquid out all over the floor with them both screaming. Video cuts again with the guy approaching the same woman who is suspended by the celling and now looks like a witch from the movie The Witches. She appears completely dead but her hand begins to slightly move when I woke up not wanting to hear her scream again