lost (bad language content)

Date: 5/25/2017

By naya

I had a dream that I was at the club and there were people surrounding someone dancing and I saw enjaja (a viner) in the background and I starting snap chatting her just standing there. and then I took another snap chat but this time I was facing the back of the club and slowly turning around while video taping and I stopped at a cat, I think the cat was wearing sunglasses and I zoomed in on it. for some reason, I was there the next day (did I stay the night? I'm not sure) and there were fewer people. it turns out, I was in a dance class and then the lights came on and the students sat down on the floor while I stayed standing. the teacher stared at me in a concerning way and I said "I don't go to this school" so I left and when I left the class I was in the office of the school where there was a desk (no one in it), a Canadian flag, a cross. it looked like the white house of canada or a school board office. when I left the office, I was in another building (no frills for fuck sake) and I left that building and i was finally outside. I remember taking a walk and relying on that to get me home and I ended up at a gas station where a fancy car pulls up and I go on my phone to pretend I didn't notice it, lol. I then climb up to a balcony of an apartment and sat on a chair that was already there. all of a sudden, there was a woman sitting beside me (she resembled a woman that I've called the cops for in real life due to her being drunk at 1AM and falling over, she was also crying and had a huge bump on her head. she kept telling my friend and I that she'd be fine but we insisted on calling for help and we did). she was smoking a cigarette, had sweatpants on and didn't look too pleased. I said something along the lines of "I'm sorry, should I leave?" for some reason I expected her to say no but she said "yes, always leave" in a calm voice. I felt like crying but I didn't. from my side of the balcony I knew I couldn't climb down without injuring myself so I told her that I must pass her in order to get down (I thought she was so mad that she'd be furiated with this) and she slightly was, she said "no, your way"(as in "don't pass me"). I yelled at her "but I'd fall down, do you want that!?" she ended up agreeing with me and I asked her "are you going to push me off?" and she said "no, are you kidding me?" so I grabbed my things (no idea what they were) and I ended up being able to get down the initial way that I attempted (fuck me, right?). when I got down I yelled up to the woman "EAT A DICK BITCH!" (I was really hurt lol) and she looked at me and just sighed. I ended up texting my friend for help and he texted me which bus to take ("mount south point" idefk). all of the bus stops had names like "south mount point" or "south point mount" so I chose to wait for one that sounded most like it and I stood there unsure of myself as I didn't know if it was the right route.