prophecy nr. 5

Date: 1/22/2017

By Tjika

The dream in some 17th century underground prison. The walls were made of yellow rock. The bars from the cells were made from black metal and were broken. I was floating around like a spirit and I was not the only spirit there. As I floated around I saw a huge brown African mask on the wall which was looking at me like "I'm keeping my eyes on you" and it scared me, a lot. Then I noticed two guys on the ground talking to each other. They were not spirits. One of them had grey Einstein hair and a brown professor coat (well that's probably not what it's really called, but I guess you get the picture) and for some reason I thought he was American. The other guy had black hair, a brownish skin colour and for some reason I thought he was Portuguese. They looked concerned about something. They were talking about prophecies. They knew the first four prophecies and so did I so when I woke up I didn't remember them, because I never thought about them. They didn't know the fifth prophecy though, which was a problem. I don't know why it was, but I didn't really care. I did know the fifth prophecy, because for some reason I knew a lot of random stuff in that dream, so I told them. At first they ignored me and didn't take me seriously as if they saw spirits like me all the time. Then I started telling them the fifth prophecy and they were really surprised. I told them: "It's going to happen in the Hague." That's all I said. Then the dream became more dreamlike and I started to recite lines I had heard from a show I watched which was: "pink stars are falling" with lots of pauses in between. The guys looked at me as if I'd gone crazy and I dissapeared into the ground. That's when I woke up.