The airport?

Date: 8/25/2017

By wanda1316

I was rushing around an airport or some very public place. I can't remember shag I was doing, but it was something very important. A man stepped in front of me and asked me if I were in a dream now. I told him that was absurd. I did reality checks anyway. I counted the fingers on my right hand, which were all there and looked normal. But then a giant breeze cane which took me slightly off my feet and raised my coat and baggage. I was shocked, because I knew that meant this was a dream. I was once again shocked that something so vivid could be just a dream. The man left after that. I chased him, asking him what he represented and what my dream meant. He was stubborn and wouldn't tell me. I thought he was my "spirit guide", but I was frustrated that he wouldn't tell me about this dream. After running and flying around a lot, I almost gave up. But then I saw my mom sitting at a table by herself. In the past dreams my mom has always told me something enlightening. I asked her to reveal something to me about my dream. She showed me a piece of paper with 4 sentences, each sentence something I needed to learn. The first one was basically that I need to think more of others and less of myself. However, the sentences changed after every time I looked at them. So the next time I looked at the first sentence, it said something else. I left, feeling like it was time to wake myself up. There were so many people in this dream. I looked at all of them and took note of how different they all looked. Waking myself up, I had several false awakenings. I was attempting to have an OBE.