Institutionalized the beginning and the end

Date: 6/5/2017

By guido38

It started off at my old high school . It was night time in the court yard so it must of been a dance or some other extra curricular activity . Anyway I saw some old friends and said wasup . Then idk for some reason I went to the parking lot maybe I was leaving or about to smoke . Anyway instead I went to go find my Honda stolen . And in its place was a Mack diesel truck with no trailer . It looked souped up and modified as if it were made for driving through a waste land after a war or something . Idk why but for some reason I was worried about my phone being lost maybe because it was in my car . Which in real life is never left in my car . Anyway I'm just staring at this truck like well shit . Then this random dude literally walks up to me from under the light and hands me keys . He doesn't say anything and neither did I . Then he just started breaking down the truck as if he was selling it to me he even opened the door for me to get in . Then I guess it was stolen too because i ended up in jail . Finding another person I knew . But now I had my phone for some reason and we were on YouTube just looking at random videos . I don't remember bars though I just remember us being confined in some way . Then while we were there we saw some people in uniforms testing weapons in the next big room over . And that's it