Date: 6/1/2017

By emospaceman

I got off the school bus in the morning to realize my chest was hurting. Then I realized I'd slept in my chest binder and that I needed to get it off immediately. I went for the nearest school restroom, while simultaneously looking for a place to puke, and went into the ladies' room while Katie went into the men's. I went into one of two stalls. Abby was in the other one. I didn't feel nauseous anymore, so I just took off my shirt and binder. I caught a glimpse of Mr. Molloy over the divider, sitting on the counter. He was smiling, but not at me. I put my shirt back on, then changed my shorts for some reason (the first time they were inside-out, so I had to go again, which was annoying because I was still wearing shoes). The shorts were definitely Dennis's, but they fit anyway. I left the bathroom and went to Acting. I had a piece of paper on my desk in the fashion of planning a trifold board, even though I knew the project I was working on wouldn't be due until next year. Mrs. Whitener told me that I should work on the introduction of my monologue more. Javen was at the front of the room, about to present his project. He blew on the paper on the front of his trifold to open it up, and it did, but it fell again. Mrs. Whitener restarted the timer but he did the same thing. As he was struggling to begin, I was wondering how I was going to fit all of the required information on the little boxes on the paper (sticky notes? flaps?) before I realized that the project was going to be on a big trifold, so it was okay.