Part 1: Birdwatching and tiger eating gpigs.

Date: 6/5/2017

By dixsilence

I was going to a system of ponds, like a constructed wetland. It was like a small town with a huge fountain and many estuaries. The water was so blue and bright, full of life and so full of birds. I tried to roam around them but they where huge. So many swallows flying and eating insects and ducks, I couldn't resist to take my camera out and try to take pics. But I didn't had a memory so I went to a tiny store in the next street. The manager was a young father, he went inside to look for my card when his son approach to me and got scared because a tiger appeared out of the water. I frozen and it came right to where I was. Then I notice, there where guinea pigs walking around the door so the river just sip them in. I did save a couple but the tiger ate the rest. After this I left the place.