called lili reinhart out on being homophobic

Date: 4/28/2017

By abnormal

I was at this mall with my dad and my sister then I saw the actress that played Peyton Sawyer sitting on a bench right in front of Carrefour so I was like I'm not a fan but why not take a picture with her or talk to her then as I approached her, she turned into Lili Reinhart so I put my phone in my pocket and calmly explained to her why people think she's homophobic and she was like "let's go talk next to the door" and she sat in a cart and I tried being nice like "I know you probably didn't mean it but it really seems homophobic" and I gave her evidence (she actually did say that stuff in real life) and she was like "that's not what I meant, I was talking about beronica specifically" and I was like "yeah, but the way you worded it was bad and you should apologize" and then my dad and sister came and I was like "Please wait for me outside, I wanna talk to her alone" and my dad thought I was selling her drugs (??) and he was like "it's about time, that's also when I started doing them" but like in an angry tone and then I told my sister she was famous and my sister told my dad "she's famous, pretty sure she'd have someone else to buy drugs from if she wanted them" then they waited outside for me and I was about to tell her to "just apologize" then idk she suddenly disappeared and my sister was like "she said she was done"