Digital art, He peers out of the window of his office, watching the horror unfold as the owners shoot the interns in the parking lot below.

RIP interns

Date: 9/27/2019

By MsBananaNanner

Our company had been bought out by this seemingly ordinary couple. And they hired like a hundred interns because they were "expanding the company". We all had to run around like crazy all day trying to train all these people and do our own work. Anyway, it's the end of the day and dark out, but I'm still in my office wrapping up a few things. I can look out the window to the parking lot and see all the interns gathered with the new owners and a few other management people they'd hired, and they're doing like team building games and stuff. They split people into teams, and everyone is all cheery, and then the owner/management people just freaking pull out guns and shoot one whole team. All the other interns are STUNNED, and I almost scream but I'm in so much shock I just kind of drop to the floor so that they don't see me watching. I figure if they knew I saw they'd kill me too. I cautiously peer over the window sill but the owner lady is staring right at me and I'm FREAKING out. I hear the screams of the other interns as one by one they shoot them all in the parking lot. I was sobbing and felt so sick but there was nothing I could do. For whatever reason I couldn't say anything about it, and I had to just keep working there. They basically threatened us all through some scenario or another that if we said anything or tried to leave the company that they'd kill us. The work environment was horrible and they treated us so bad but we just sucked it up and kept training new hires and interns. It was so bad that one day I watched this dude completely straight faced just walk directly into the incinerator room (WHY we had one of those I have NO idea). One of my coworkers had been on vacation while all this was happening so didn't know what was going on when he came back. The rest of us tried to act like nothing was unusual because we knew they were watching us all the time, waiting for us to say something. A few of my other coworkers had managed to quit and move away without being tracked down, which I was super thankful for, but it seemed so hopeless for the rest of us. After tiptoeing around the subject long enough I just couldn't stand it anymore. I broke down crying and told my coworker everything even though I knew they'd probably kill me for it. I hadn't told anyone about the massacre in the parking lot and I just couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't get the sight of their blood flooding the parking lot out of my head.

AI generated interpretation This dream could be interpreted as a reflection of a difficult work environment you are currently in, or have experienced in the past. The interns in the dream could represent those around you in the workplace, who may be facing a hostile, oppressive environment. The new owners could symbolize authority figures who have taken control of your work environment and had a negative impact on the morale and freedom of your colleagues. The massacre of the interns could signify the loss of freedom and control, as well as a deep sense of helplessness in the face of this oppressive environment. The fact that nobody can speak up about what is happening could be reflective of a sense of futility in trying to challenge the authority of this situation. The incinerator room could represent what happens to those who try to stand up for themselves, with the implication that the consequences of doing so could be dire. Ultimately, this dream could be interpreted as a reflection of your own feelings of powerlessness in a work environment where your freedom and autonomy are limited.