New place

Date: 7/30/2017

By diarygeek123

So I appeared in this studio with all these people and then one girl came over and started talking to me and we both kept taking until lunch and then all of a sudden she was eating my homemade peas pudding for her lunch!!And then I looked across the table and he was there!My crush!!And then me and the girl were talking-Turns out her name was Hannah and his was Zack-and then Zack said to me "You've come to a music school but u haven't showed any talent.What did you come here for?" I replied "Singing" and he said "Oh I play guitar we should do a duet one time!!Meet at my place at 7?Heres the address!" And then all of a sudden we were at his house laughing our heads off. "Come on please sing I want to here you!" "I can't.Im not very good" And then he dragged me to the rest of the kids I was speaking to and he said "Do u think Sam would have got in if she couldn't sing?" And everyone shouted "NO!" So then he took me back and he said "See!Theyre right you know" and then I started babbling on and as I was babbling on he leaned in and kissed me.It was like a 5 minute kiss until his mum came in to see what he was doing.And then when she went he said "Just sing please Sam.That beautiful face can't hold a really bad voice!!" And I said "Ummm ok" and then I sang Halo really well and after he hugged me and said "That was amazing.I knew you had it in you!!" "I am not being rude or anything but my parent are strict and I have to be home in 5 mins" "Ok"He kissed me on the cheek "see you tomorrow" Dream 2(follow on)- I was sat down on my own in the studio in the morning.Then Zack came in and sat next to me.All of a sudden all these boys came in FROM MY JUNIOR SCHOOL!!And started saying things like 'HAHA YOU LOSER YOU CANT EVEN SING' and I could see Zack was getting really angry and I whispered "It's ok just leave them" but he ignored me and stood up and shouted "ILL SHOW YOU WHO CANT SING!!SAM IS AN AMAZING SINGER AND I LOVE HER SO STOP LIEING!!" And they all ran off giggling whilst Zack came and sat down.The reason he ignored me before was because he could see I was crying and he didn't want to see me upset.He hugged me "it's ok.If they come back again I'll protect you." Then it was lunch and normally he sits opposite me but today he sat next to me and Hannah sat opposite."Did something happen last night?"She asked Zack replied"Nothing that you need to know about." And we continued our meals.I said "Oh no my mum has texted me.She wants me home.Apparently she can't pay the bills so we have to live elsewhere" Zack held my hand under the table and said "I'll walk you out..." ma Hanna just looked shocked.As we were walking out she could see were holding hands and I was laying on his shoulder with my head. "It's okay." Zack said when we were nearly out. "I DONT WANT TO GO!!" I burst out into tears. "I know.Where are you going to.Ill come see you.Did you know there's a boarding appartment open here?" "Wait WHAT!!!" "Yeah!!You could stay here and it's free!!!Come on let's go tell your mum!" "Okay!!!!" When we told my mum she was really happy!!Now she could pay the bills!!Then I woke up!'