Aziz Ansari, oatmeal cookies, and a new tattoo, also brett?

Date: 5/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

SO. It was after Arden Kind's (a friend's band) last show and I was at Emmett's (the bassist and a friend) and my sister Gryphon was back at the house with her friend Carson and Aziz Ansari (the comedian) and I left the house. Aziz was like super drunk and when I came back home he legit stuck his tongue in my mouth and I was like no? And we were in my parents bed and he was like "why won't you hook up with me?" And I explained that I thought Michael (a boy I'm talking to) would be upset. And then my dream changed and I was with Jared and Ally (friends of mine from school) and we were on campus and there was this arcade diner place hidden like up near the computer labs and it was small and cute and had a weird menu. And Ally got pancakes and bacon and I got two oatmeal raisin cookies and something else. Well while I ate my other stuff Jared fucking ate half of one of my cookies. So I complained to the lady working there "someone savagely ate my cookie" and she crumbled up the rest and threw it away and went to find me another. But they had RUN OUT. I was furious at Jared. Okay so then the dream changed and I decided to get a new tattoo. Just a line. Like two inches long, thin on my arm. Just a casual forearm line. And Rennee did it (a stick and poke tattoo artist who previously did one of my tattoos) and it looked good but then I realized how obvious it was and I was like oops. Okay so then my dream changed again and I was in my dorm but like the dorm was set up like my high school and the classrooms and dorms and bathrooms all kinda looked the same and there was a giant grocery store in the complex too and there was this guy selling Mochi but instead of icecream and dough it was those little balls you put on frozen yogurt that pop in your mouth. But they were bigger like Mochi. And Brett (an old friend) was in my bed waiting for Mariel (his ex girlfriend) or something and we were getting along really well and it was weird. Then I woke up.