Aliens and Wipeout Competitions

Date: 5/21/2017

By LionFoot65

I see this self transforming crocodile like alien 👽 that was multi colored and looked pretty cool and there was also other aliens and I think someone said that they can kill you just by touching you but I'm not even scared cause I guess I think they're my friends lol. For some reason I also see this guy who Im talking to a little and he tells me that it's really awesome that you don't have to rely on drugs to evolve spiritually. After that I see him crying and I at first I'm going comment on what he said before but instead I go over to where he is with his dad and girlfriend to comfort him since he got his girl pregnant. After that I see that I that there is this showdown on this big trampoline circle and I also see two pikachus on top of the tower part of the arena. After that I get in for some reason to finish off the last person in the arena which is this little girl named Laika by grabbing her arms and swinging her out of the arena lol. After that I see this little kid named Zion who seems to be getting sick cause his face is bloating so I help him get out. When I go to sit down I see this really beautiful girl named Bianca who sits down near me and starts using her 📱. I don't really talk to her cause I guess a part of me feels shame so I'm shy about it:/. One of the old ladies there also told Bianca to put her phone away which she found disrespectful so she didn't listen to them. Next Scene: Me and someone else are tracing and drawing pictures and one of them is this golden/copper boat shaped thing that my friend TJ tells me is a special type of ashtray that helps more somehow since it has a small short tube at the end. After that I'm at my house and I'm talking to my brother about how I used to think that stick figures on crack was really really funny lol.