The Little Mermaid Curse

Date: 3/25/2017

By whitershadeofpale

We were all getting ready to perform opening night of The Little Mermaid. It was our final dress. There was a 5 year old who was causing some trouble for us at rehearsal. He was getting in people's way and hiding their things. Next to the theatre (which was basically a giant floor with balcony seating on three sides) was this wooden deck attached to this large wooden box attached to this wooden barrel. The barrel contained all the water that we would be able to drink and there was a leak in it. They were trying to figure out what was going on, but the five-year-old kept getting in the way of their investigation. Next, I was talking to Melissa (the AD for The Little Mermaid) and I realize they were doing she's in love and it was in front of an audience and I needed to be out there. So I got on my shoes and I ran to the theater and I got there just before my line. When I got out there there was only two other girls out there. Carlin was in the audience and Grace was somewhere backstage. We later got in trouble by Brisby for it of course. Then I got onto the computer that was on top of the wooden barrel. There was a message addressed to me. It was from a girl named Molly and she had send me a bunch of really beautiful pictures and at this time I was being bullied by a lot of people at YPT. And so I saved them and printed out the pictures and they made me feel better. Then I was looking for my shoe covers because it was suddenly opening night and my tail wasn't on and my shoes were missing and I couldn't find my shoe covers and this is like this for a lot of the mermaid and the other fish as well. They called places and everybody was really frantic. I went to the wooden desk to try to find them and there is the five-year-old there and he was talking to me like someone very very mature. I found out that when he was two years old he got placed in the wooden box and things have been thrown on top of him and time it stops for him for years. Even though he had aged mentally, but not physically and 3 years ago they opened the box and found him and he was 5. He was actually evil and looking to destroy me and everyone else in the show except a few select people, including Carson and Alli. I tried to tell the other mermaids and Alli and they all told me it wasn't possible. Then I heard Sean McDonald say that something was going to to happen to Alli at the end of AFL for this show so that when we win, Kelsey will be able to take the award for her. Soon after that I got a message on the computer that said that the original people from the original story of The Little Mermaid were coming to destroy the show and that they do this to all who perform The Little Mermaid. I asked savannah if all people that performed the little mermaid were cursed, and she said yes and I was very angry that they still chose to do this production. Then they arrived. And everyone was freaking out. They decided to take everybody in as a slave and they found every single person and lined them up in front of their van. After a certain number of people, it got to my turn to get in the van, and they said "we can't take anymore. We're full, we're just going to have to leave the rest here and only take these people. In the van was Aden and a bunch of other little kids. They were getting ready to drive away and nobody was saying anything. So I decided I needed to do something. I banged on the window until they rolled it down and I said "Take me instead. Take me and leave the kids." And They thought about it and they decided that that was probably fine so they released the kids. They then asked why I was doing that, and I said it's not fair to the little kids they have done nothing wrong. They're young and they don't understand. They said fine and they took me back to their headquarters. It was a giant tree and inside it had hundreds of rooms and a bunch of different floors. They immediately made me a slave. Some of the people that were with them who are part of their organization where Mr. McDonald and Mrs. McDonald and Sean. Not Kelsey or Alli come. Then there was Lynn Hahn and Carson. And then Sam Bippen and Graham and his mother and Melissa. And a bunch of other adults. I work there as a slave and I tried to be a really good one so that they would trust me I made sure to prove that I would never run away. I did what I was told and I never got to see anybody at YPT except for them. Until one day we were all doing the prayer circle at pre-show and Alli said that she never knew who to dedicate the show to until this show, because it's become clear who has helped her do everything. She said Melissa and everyone cheered and I had to go back to the HQ.