When you don't know when to turn around.

Date: 5/10/2019

By Fitful

Someone started a cult in this ancient ruin they found underground. It's more of a sinkhole with a building happening to be down there. I'm with a faction of people wearing pastels, lots of clashing patterns in pastels, suits and stuff kinda Victorian, lots of pink. We successfully keep so many away from place. I tell my kid, or the kid I'm babysitting, to always be careful of it. They learn but some guy, a middle aged man kinda burly, is fascinated and he's wearing pastel suit at first but he really wants to know what's down there. The god, the vampiric god who started it all, chats to him and then nonchalantly causes a small cave in which swallows him, so he's not to blame for going down. Only a red bomber jacket is left of the guy on top of the dirt and snow afterwords. Underneath the ground there are women's panties everywhere each with two distinct drops of blood. He gave them a drug which causes them to bleed down there, for the pleasure of himself during the orgies. It's detrimental to their health though. ~ I'm walking in the snow with the dog and bunny. I ran out of pet food for them both on the same day, it's snowing and I'm pulling the dog who's attached to a popcorn box with the bunny in it. The petstore's closed but we still go. We might have no where else to go right now. It's late, like 11pm. In the middle of the side walk I fall and sink I to snow up to my waist and decide to turn back. I feel I'm being horrible dragging them behind me, but I check and the bunny is fine, huddled down in the box, and the dog is happy. ~ I attend a seminar at the local petstore since I have no where else to go. Only a few places are open and I have no money. Plus I can leave my pets in the pet daycare. I got my black leggings wet in the snow so I take them and my underwear off to dry. I'm walking around in a normal sized shirt white which barely covers my whooha. I try and pretend it's a dress, hoping others will think the same, but when more people arrive I want to get away into the bathroom and put the leggings them back on. I end up stick in a conversation with the guy giving a seminar, he's chatting with several of us before it starts. He knows us, we met before. He's giving bad advice. I imagine even if I get back to the bathroom and put the leggings on I will cause notice, they will wonder why I'm wearing something different than before. ~ I'm with someone at the seminar, they attended with me coming late, he's a gentlwman in a black suit, my boss. I'm having issues with cell phones. I've got the same app of both mine and his and I'm desperately trying to get it to start of update or something. Maybe I'm trying to see information or add it. But it's frozen on my phone and barely works on his. The seminar is starting and I need this done first. I frantically push at the button on the touch screen but to no avail. ~ At home, because we work from his home a large Victorian mansion, it's haunted. He doesn't see it, he's too buys to care really about things moving about. But this lace thing flew up and stuck to the curtain. And then two small plushies, the size which could fit in your palm, both took flight. I though to was amazing until I realized it was a haunting. I tried to get his attention but his mind was elsewhere, wrapping up in the reading and he didn't really focus when I did. This happened before the Seminar I think. ~ I'm out, several miles away, and someone is being chased down by the police. Several people on the street reported he was in the area. Well chased down is a strong word, they don't even know they are being hunted yet. I worry they'd do that about me, or maybe it is me. I search for place to sit and take a break. I do have money with me after all but I didn't want to spend it on something frivolous like ice cream. I don't think I really deserve ice cream right now. ~ I get caught between two police coming out of the public restroom with no shirt and bra. My breasts are huge, high on my chest almost unnaturally and stick out like they are pointing in two side by side compass directions. I feel they might arrest me for indecency but they don't seem to notice me. Well they do but it's absent-mindedly, as if they have other things on their mind very similar to the gentleman I work for, but their minds are lot in their police work. One cop is a woman with red hair, one a man with brown.