Weird bunny dream

Date: 4/3/2017

By hayleestanfield

I was walking with my grandma and my mom into my house from the back door. It was raining and there was a view of the curb and it was like flooding a bit and I dropped a gross stuffing animal in it and it had this really weird vibe to it and I will never forget it. Anyway, I was sitting by my bunny's cage and my grandma and mom were in the kitchen. The bunny started smiling. And I was started saying "the bunny is smiling" and I kept talking about it for a few minutes. And then it's eyes turned red. And it smiled again at me and lazer eyed opened the cage and jumped into the coffee table. My mom came in with a broom and started hitting it. I told my mom and brother about it and they now make fun of me for it.