Date: 2/24/2017

By KhandieeKane

First my mom, dad and I ordered food at this place and when it came to us they had a baby armadillo in it. And I got mad and threw the food on the floor and said I'm not paying for that. Then I had another dream that we left my house and Ronan the accuser picked us up. We were driving and Kilgrave was talking to Jason Mamoa who is Aquaman in the car. Kilgrave was mad because apparently Aquaman was in a ditch and grabbed Kilgraves foot as a kid and scared him. Then proceeded to say that his father was not his father because his father had blonde hair and blue eyes and Jason's Aquaman has brown hair and apparently white eyes. We where somewhere else and other avengers showed up. Tony Stark was taken to another room against his will and he was hollering about a clone. Then Nebula shows up and puts a coin in a clear box and smiles at Ronan. This is where I knew shit was about to hit the fan. Everyone is scrambling to fight. Then this force just takes every through the building. Like we were disintegrated and forcefully pulled through the building. It turns out that Mantis's father worked at the power plant we were at and he was helping us by sacrificing himself. That's all I remember.