Zombies in Space with Tons of Ripoffs

Date: 6/26/2017

By Hugs4WaterSausage

This dream is a continuation of a dream from my nap from the day before. That nap was started with me in a space station. A small spaceship docked earlier and I went on with my daily life as I walked to get a check up in the medical room. Then zombies straight from the necromorphs in Dead Space started killing people on the station. I had a large pistol that tore chunks of flesh o.ff of them with explosive rounds. I had a thin and fragile spacesuit on and jumped into the openness of space to escape and get to an abandoned ship about half a mile away. They also jumped after me into space. I used the necromorphs to jump in a different direction while shooting at them. I ended up on a small spaceship and killed all the zombies inside. I used it to go to a different system I was familiar with. Once there, I went to a snow planet where my friends were and told them about it. One of my friends was a male and recently handicapped nerd and another was a female scientist. The last friend was a mechanic. They decided to create a giant humanoid robot (Transformers) to fight against the zombies just in case they attack this planet. The handicapped guy would have his brain taken out and placed in the robot at the center of the chest. He would be hsppy to be able to walk again. It was too late though. Only the metal frame of the robot was done. There was some crazy man wearing a black coat and pants who started the outbreak on purpose (I saw this in 3rd person and my dream self was unaware of this). I fought my way out of a hospital full of them and saw that the outside was completely overrun with zombies. I felt overwhelmed and used a green magical holographic clock around my left wrist to reverse time. I stopped the magic clock thing to a few hours before the outbreak started. I rented a small transport ship to travel to a procedurally generated planet full of fruit trees and transparent dark green slime monsters (No Man's Sky). I had several hundred habitable planets to choose from. I did not want to wait for the public cruiser (guess my brain only understands planes on Earth) to lift off because it was scheduled to leave a couple of hours after the start of the outbreak. I brought all my most valuable belongings (especially my laptop and ps4) and some necessary supplies for survival. We took off the planet just in time and I woke up from my nap. Next Day The dream I had last night continued off of the dream in during my nap. We were flying in the ship I bought (It looks completely different now) to our destination until we were stopped by military ships (Ships and soldiers look exactly like the UNSC in Halo). They arrested us on suspicion of causing the zombie outbreak (I only have two friends present. The 3rd guy was not in this dream) It was a bit shady when I was in such a hurry to buy a spaceship to escape. They even showed a video of me acting like I had something to hide. I was separated from my friends as they decided to let them go and took me inside a massive space station. I stayed inside a cell for a few days, until I heard a noise from a necromorph screaming. The soldiers were busy shooting at them and one of the guards let me go and gave me a gun to help fight them back. The guard who let me go died from a needle-like projectile made of bones and I ran. I tried to get to an escape pod and get away from them again. I could see and hear people using guns and dying from the zombies. On every large screen I saw the same man who started the outbreak. I ignored him as he tried to annoy me with his common villain monologues. I continued fighting my way through but the last escape pod was jettisoned before i could get there in time. I remembered my time ability and tried again. This time I decided to ignore almost all the zombies in the rooms. I heard a large explosion ahead of me and a door of one of the many rooms I was about to rush through broke and closed my only entrance. I use the magic clock thing again. Then, I ran through many rooms of the station. And I was lost. I tried restarting again but it didn't work this time. I kept backtracking so many times while looking at the map until I eventually gave up and I fought the undead with an assault rifle and my fists until I woke up.